Fitting & Repair



Looking for more consistency, distance and accuracy? Let our staff help you optimize your equipment with a club fitting.  With a vast array of fitting tools including a Trackman® launch monitor, we’ll be able to determine the correct shaft, loft, lie angle, flex, length and other factors that will help you hit longer and straighter shots.


Fitting Services:

  • Iron Fitting: $100.00
  • Driver, Fairway or Hybrid Fitting: $100.00
  • Putter Fitting: $100.00 (Includes Loft/Lie Adjustment and Length Adjustment)
  • Launch Monitor Swing Analysis: $100/60 Minute Session

All fitting fees are credited towards any purchase of equipment or shaft


Repair Services:


  • Grip Install Labor: $5.00 per grip
  • Save Grip: $3.00 per grip
  • Reshaft Iron: $20.00 per club
  • Reshaft Wood: $25.00 per club
  • Pull Graphite Shaft: $10.00 per club
  • Pull Steel Shaft: $10.00 per club
  • Extend Club: $15.00 per club
  • Shorten Club: $10.00 per club
  • Swingweight Club: $10.00 per club
  • Digital Loft & Lie Adjustment for Iron: $6.00 per club
  • Digital Loft & Lie Adjustment for Putter: $12.00 per club
  • Check Loft & Lie: $3.00 per club


  • Shaft Frequency Calibration: $25.00 (does not include labor to pull and reinstall shaft if needed)
  • Spine/ FLO Shaft: $25.00 (does not include labor to pull and reinstall shaft if needed)
  • Iron Set Blueprinting: Starts at $150. Price is determined by labor required.

Training and Certification

The AGC fitters/club builders received certifications and extensive product training from the following:

  • Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitters in America
  • Mitchell Club Building & Fitting School in Dayton, OH
  • PING Golf in Phoenix, AZ
  • Callaway Certified Master Club Fitter in Carlsbad, CA
  • TaylorMade & TaylorMade Kingdom in Carlsbad, CA
  • Cobra Golf in Carlsbad, CA
  • KBS Shaft Fitting Certification 
  • Graphite Design Shafts
  • Basileus Shafts in Tokyo, Japan
  • True Temper Performance Fitting Certification
  • Miura Golf in Himeji, Japan
  • Mizuno National Top 100 Club Fitter
  • Trackman Launch Monitor Certified Fitter
  • Bettinardi Certified Putter Fitter
Hawaii Golf Club repair shafts fitting